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A Dark Horizon

This book is very special to me as it is my debut published novel and I’ve written about issues that are very important to me. Although it is a work of fiction, it touches on political, economic and social issues that can defeat people. It is the strength within my characters and those around them that can redeem them and that is what the story in this book tells. Below is the back cover ‘blurb’ of the book and I hope it whets your appetite. I absolutely loved writing the book and I’m sure you will enjoy reading it.

Thank you
A Dark Horizon

After inheriting a struggling company Rachel is tempted into marrying an older man who also happens to be one of the wealthiest and most powerful businessmen in the country. She knows she faces an uphill struggle but she relishes the challenge of resurrecting the ailing company. Soon she is facing more challenges in the form of his children, especially his son who is adamant that she is wrong for his father. As she struggles to prove herself at work and at home she is unaware of the meticulously planned plotting meant to bring her already shaky world crushing down.

Out in March 2009

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